Prior to June 2018 we operated as the European Fertility Network. Our name was changed to the International Fertility Company to reflect the wider geographic area in which we were beginning to work and as an indicator of the dynamic nature of the medical tourism field generally where individuals and couples are travelling far more extensively to address their specific health needs. 

‘fertility travel’ is not for everyone – we recognise it is only a consideration for some and therefore we have been set up to showcase what we consider to be the best examples of treatment providers available to those who are contemplating travelling to meet their fertility needs. We also recognise that ‘treatment’ is only one aspect of the fertility journey that is why we also share information on products and services designed to help that journey.

We completely understand private fertility treatment requires a significant financial investment. Your choice of treatment, clinic and destination requires careful consideration and this is why we work we a select number of providers who have been identified as being ‘good at what they do’. We visit all the clinics listed on this site regularly to ensure that they provide a good personal service; our clinics are ‘Patient Approved’; they are assessed from a patient’s perspective taking into account the quality and clarity of information available; the level of communication offered; support and complimentary services available such as counselling and after care services as well as past patient reviews.


This is what we do:

  • We work with clinics, products and service providers to ensure that the information they provide to patients is accurate, transparent and clear.

  • We provide a forum for clinics, products and service providers to collaborate; to use their knowledge, experience and resources to maximise the opportunities for patients to achieve their goal of creating a family.

  • We provide a platform for individual and couples who are considering their fertility travel options by providing logistical help; signposting to support agencies which provide financial solutions, insurance products and after care support.

  • We provide an information hub which offers fertility patients an opportunity to attend patient information and consultation events and undertake informal visits to fertility treatment providers.

  • We also offer a dedicated personal consultation service for those seeking more information on fertility travel options and a bespoke concierge service in which we arrange inclusive fertility packages which cover, clinic options; medical consultation; finance, insurance, travel and accommodation.

For more information on our bespoke services, contact, andrew@internationalfertilitycompany.com 

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