UR Vistahermosa Hospital is one of the most advanced units in Europe. A track record spanning over 30 years is underpinned by cherished values of training, education and research which have pushed the unit to the forefront of the use of innovative, assisted reproductive treatments.   

Why UR Vistahermosa?

  • Our success rates are well above the average Spanish rates, as we are specialised in complex cases.

  • Our units are always based within a hospital environment ensuring access to a full range of medical support

  • We offer an experienced, multi-disciplinary team made up of Gynaecologists, Geneticists, Embryologists, Andrologists, Anaesthetists, Nurses, Auxiliary Nurses and Administrative staff

  • We receive an annual external audit to ensure quality of care and service

  • We treat you as a person not a patient; we offer a truly personal service

  • We proactively collaborate with other reproductive centres and professionals in work and research.


We offer

  • Fertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, artificial insemination, sperm, egg and embryo donation

  • Specialist treatments such as the Eeva test and time lapse Embryoscope & Geri monitoring

  • Donor sperm and egg bank

  • Fertility preservation techniques such as egg freezing

  • All genetic techniques: PGS, Compatibility tests, Non-Invasive Prenatal test.

  • Immune problems treatment

Why travel?

Before you travel to us we talk to your medical advisor to ascertain your medical history and consider the most suitable treatment pathway. Our International Department are vastly experienced in advising on matters such as travel, accommodation and cost of procedures and are at hand throughout your journey with us. We take the stress out of travel, searching for accommodation, and worry about language issues to allow you to relax in an environment which is designed to promote the best possible opportunity for to achieve a pregnancy.    

If you would like to contact UR Vistahermosa Hospital, please complete and send this contact form.

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