The Gutenberg Centre URE was established over 30 years ago and is considered to be one of the leading and most influential European fertility clinics. Its impressive track record includes being the first clinic in the Malaga province to achieve a successful pregnancy via an IVF procedure and is the leading clinic in the province in terms of the number of treatments performed. 

It has team of 20 professionals who offer an extensive range assisted reproductive treatments and procedures such as Artificial Insemination, In Vitro Fertilization, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Egg Donation. The clinic is modern and moderately sized (six hundred square metres); is located on the magnificent sea front in Malaga, just a 10 minute walk from the city centre and provides a tranquil space for those seeking treatment in a more comfortable environment. The clinic also boasts impressive clinical facilities including a well-equipped andrology laboratory; an IVF laboratory featuring the EmbryoScope incubator, six conventional incubators, two microinjectors, and numerous semen, egg and embryo banks as well as an operating theatre which can be used for most day to day procedures.

The Gutenberg Centre is a family run clinic and this is apparent in its philosophy – all patients are treated as part of the Gutenberg family from the minute they walk through our doors. The clinic is not part of a larger franchise and retains an individuality which is becoming more and more unique in the field of assisted reproduction.

We have dedicated ourselves to the sole field of fertility treatment since 1987. 

Why Us?

Experience: We have been helping couples achieve pregnancies for over 30 years.

Family orientated: We recognise the emotional impact that is associated with fertility issues - we provide a caring and supportive environment to address any anxieties you may experience.

Teamwork: We have a small team of professionals who can provide flexible and effective support and care when you need it most.

Technologically Advanced: Equipped with the most up-to-date scientific help our staff are actively encouraged to continually develop their professional skills and share knowledge with their medical and scientific peers from across the world.

Results: Testament to our expertise we have higher success rates than average in Spain and 95% of our patients would recommend us to others.

Costs: All our treatments are competitively priced.

Externally Monitored: We have held the Certificate of Accreditation for the ISO 9001/2008 Quality Standard for the quality of our Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Assisted Reproductive Technologies for 13 years which demonstrates our commitment to managing effective patient care and a framework for clinical excellence.

A healthy child at home: from the beginning to the end of your journey with us we offer care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment to help you to return home pregnant.

All clinical procedures are carried out with a thorough recognition and complete commitment to Quality control; medical records are computerized, and we guarantee compliance with personal data protection regulations.


Malaga is one of Spain’s busiest airports and as such receives international flights daily. One of Spain’s most underrated cities Malaga is so much more than the gateway to the Costa del Sol – the birthplace of Picasso it is an emerging cultural and arts hotspot which provides sunshine all year round. 

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How it all began...

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