In the last 20 years UNICA Clinics has developed a well earnt reputation as being one of the leading pioneers of assisted reproductive treatment in Europe. Based in two clinics in the Czech Republic in Brno and in the capital city of Prague, both clinics are easily reachable from any UK city via direct flights. Unica’s longstanding experience and expertise ensures that patients receive effective treatments using the most advanced technologies and methodologies available to medicine and science. 

As you would expect from a leading fertility centre UNICA provides a diverse range of assisted reproduction, egg donation and fertility preservation treatments. Treatments are advised once a series of preliminary tests (at the clinic or in your own country) and medical consultation(s) are undertaken to assess your specific, personal requirements. All treatments are offered using this highly personalised approach to ensure we identify and choose the healthiest and most viable egg and sperm to help you fulfil your fertility journey. 

The clinic is transparent in its pricing structure. Quotes are prepared individually after tests, a diagnosis and treatment plan have been carried out and identified. Prices for IVF treatment begin at EUR 2500 and for egg donation treatment at EUR 5.300 the upper age limit for women seeking treatment is 49.

UNICA recognises the difficulty patients sometimes have in choosing a treatment provider by its success rates and understands this is key for couples when considering options. They are quite rightly proud of their results which illustrate that five out of every six women successfully conceive after treatment at UNICA. You can ask about specific success rates and how they have been recorded here.

Honesty & Integrity - No False Guarantees

Assisted reproductive treatments can’t scientifically guarantee a pregnancy after a single treatment cycle but UNICA is confident in its ability to combine the latest technologies with progressive methods, tried and tested protocols and the dedication of experienced staff. 

EGG DONATION treatment guarantees in detail:

  • We will match you with an egg donor who will undergo a number of examinations and tests before the donation

  • We guarantee a minimum of 8 retrieved eggs

  • We guarantee at least 2 high-quality embryos

  • In the case only 1 embryo develops during cultivation, your future cycle will include 50% price reduction
  • If no quality embryo is ready for the embryo transfer, you will receive the next cycle free of charge

  • We will provide the fourth treatment cycle free of charge if there are no clinical pregnancy in three complete cycles

  • The offer of the guarantee applies only if the sperm is of good quality. If fertilization fails dues to the poor quality of sperm, we regret that there is no other free cycle to offer. In case of low quality of the sperm, the doctor will inform the patients prior to the initiation of the treatment

International Patients – Respect, Understanding and Empathy

Fertility treatment can be stressful. Add travel, a new treatment centre with new medics and a different country and anxiety levels can increase still further. The English speaking International Team has been established to help your experience with UNICA to be as stress free as possible. From your initial enquiry, to booking a skype consultation to a clinic visit they offer logistical support (travel, accommodation) as well as additional emotional support.

The decision to access fertility treatment in the Czech Republic is not one you should make solely for cost related reasons. The medical training and certification requirements for doctors in the country are as stringent as anywhere in the Western world.

UNICA represents a high quality option and demonstrates very effectively the best fertility treatments available in the Czech Republic. 

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