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September 2019

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Smoking & Your Daughter

A study published by the European Society for Pediatric Endocrinology found compelling evidence smoking during pregnancy causes elevated testosterone levels in baby girls. The results suggest that female children of mothers who smoked while pregnant may face fertility issues later in life.

French Equality?

Single and lesbian women could soon be given access to fertility treatments including IVF after lawmakers in France's lower house of parliament, the National Assembly, approved a controversial bioethics bill

The Handmaid’s Tale

Infertility rates have increased and anecdotal evidence has shown that some women can feel compelled to provide their wombs and eggs to the wealthy.

Finland’s Fertility Rate is on the Slide

The total number of newly-born babies in Finland this year is expected to be 4,000 less than Statistics Finland's prediction last year, according to local media.

Fat and Fertile

This research has fuelled my work and I now solely support fat people who want to get pregnant as they navigate the stigma they face in healthcare system.

Menopausal women and IVF

Given the advances in assisted reproductive technologies and medical care for pregnant women, the Singaporean’s Ministry of Health's removal of the age limit for women pursuing IVF treatment is a positive move.

The Price of IVF in Australia 

IVF can be a godsend to couples struggling to conceive, but it definitely comes at quite a steep price. While there is the possibility of Medicare rebate, not all procedures related to IVF are covered and the upfront cost itself is pretty pricey.

Assisted reproduction and risk of prostate cancer for men

The study shows that men undergoing assisted reproduction have a large risk increase for prostate cancer.

Reality Star Opens up about Fertility Issues

Six years ago, Love Island contestant Chris Hughes found out he had a low sperm count before undergoing surgery on his left testicle.

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