SEGOVA is a group of procedures and methods designed by Professor Aleksandar Ljubic in order to improve women’s overall and reproductive health by restoring ovarian function and improve quality of life.

SEGOVA is a regenerative biotechnology programme established in 2015 based on a group of procedures and methods designed by Professor Aleksandar Ljubić and his team over a number of years. Designed for both women and men, it is a method developed to improve overall and reproductive health, achieving gonadal rejuvenation, restoring testicular function and improving the quality of life.

The SEGOVA WOMEN therapy goal is to restore and improve the hormonal and reproductive function of the ovaries. This is achieved through a comprehensive approach, combining interventions on the ovarian PLRP growth factors, bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and ovarian in vitro activation - all leading to reprogramming of genetic control of the ovarian tissue. These are high-tech medical interventions performed in hospital setting. The SEGOVA method also involves a specific physical training programme which improves mitochondrial number and structure - energy function, as well as optimization of the supplement intake, oxydo-reductive status and nutrition.

SEGOVA STEM cells treatment aims to create new eggs using the intrinsic capacity of the gonadal tissue. Injecting bone marrow stem cells into the ovary stimulates follicles and egg growth. Transplanted stem cells will restore capacity of the ovarian tissue to produce completely new eggs. 

The effect of the growth factor depends on its concentration in the active substance that is being introduced back into the patient. The use of the sophisticated technology, similar to one used for the separation of stem cells, achieves significantly higher concentration and better effect of PLRP as part of the SEGOVA program.

The ovarian in vitro activation represents autologous genetic treatment of the gonadal tissue in order to restore both reproductive and endocrine functions of the ovary.

The main advantage is the fact that that SEGOVA method is based on autologous (your own), organic regeneration of the gonads, the organs which change the most through ageing. Gonads, ovaries and testis, influence the functioning and structure of all other tissues and organs within the organism. 

Therefore SEGOVA acts by regenerating gonadal tissue which than restores hormonal balance thus affecting both all other internal tissues and external appearance. 

OUR RESULTS TO DATE - For the PLRP group - one half of the patients reacted. We have improvement in hormonal status in 47% of patients. SEGO and SEGOVA, as advanced therapies have demonstrated improvements in vast majority of patients exposed to the procedure. With SEGO therapy respond rate is 70%, and in SEGOVA therapy over 90% of patients have significant improvement of ovarian function. We have achieved 20% of pregnancy rate in the group of responding patients.

SEGOVA MEN consists of the several separate procedures integrated into a common project aimed to support, increase or create elements necessary for normal gonadal function. 

  • Stem cell therapy, energy mitochondrial boosting

  • Sex HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

  • Growth factor PLPR therapy

  • Gonadal in Vitro Activation

  • Supplement therapy and nutrition.

Restored testicular function promotes spermatogenesis as well as testosterone production. Hormone production leads to increased energy, physical strength, muscle and bone mass, as well as weight loss. This hormone leads to the strengthening of the immune system, cardiovascular health, as well as improved sexual desire and capacity.

The integral part of SEGOVA men program is an attempt to increase its activity through additional measures. Losing excessive weight (part of E-energy mitochondria strengthening) can lead to hormone production increase in the testicles.

For both SEGOVA programmes for WOMEN and MEN, you will have help with this, as well as with the training program (Sex HIIT), of our doctor-nutritionist, who will make a program of diet and supplements, according to your characteristics and needs.

At the moment SEGOVA group of procedures is available in St James Hospital, Malta and Medigroup Hospital, Belgrade, Serbia.

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