What is OvuSense™?

Ovusense is a clinically proven and medically approved temperature monitor combined with a smartphone App.  Measuring core temperature 48 times a night, it is more accurate than any other method.  As easy to use as a tampon, it is 99% accurate at predicting and confirming ovulation/anovulation. The vital data collected will help you or your specialist determine your best fertility pathway.

Why is OvuSense so accurate?

Proven in two clinical trials, and in use in over 10,000 cycles, OvuSense is the only class II fertility monitor on the market. By measuring core temperature it is able to see the true effect of progesterone throughout the reproductive cycle, in real time. Unlike competitive products, this means it can be used by women who are struggling to conceive due to variable ovulation timing and/ or variable cycles. That’s because it provides results based on data in the current cycle rather than relying on data from previous cycles (as other temperature products and fertility tracker apps do), or other hormone markers which tend to produce false positives and false negatives for women with ovulatory problems (as luteinizing hormone test strips do).

How does OvuSense help?

It uses this patented technology to provide four key pieces of information to the user and her clinician:

- 24 hours in advance prediction of ovulation

- 99% accurate detection of the exact date of ovulation

- Diagnosis of ovulatory issues

- Monitoring of treatment  

A clinical support sheet detailing the clinical trials and core temperature measuring technology is available on request.

"I recommend OvuSense to my patients as a key part of cycle monitoring whether trying to conceive naturally or undergoing treatment. Knowing your unique cycle characteristics is vital when trying to get pregnant. As a regulated medical device OvuSense has been evaluated in two independent clinical trials and over 10,000 cycles of use, so I am confident OvuSense will give you vital information on your journey to a successful pregnancy.”

Dr Irfana Koita, Fertility Consultant at IVF Matters / ivfmatters.co.uk

More clinical feedback is available here

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