International Fertility 

November 2019

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Scientists invent a wearable testicle-chilling device to try and boost men‘s fertility

Cooling cases for testicles have been invented by scientists in a bid to boost men‘s fertility.



What Should I Do with My Unused Embryos?

In the bowels of Midtown Manhattan, a trio of embryos sit in a vat of liquid nitrogen



From sex selection to surrogates, American clinics provide services outlawed elsewhere

While many countries have moved in recent years to impose boundaries on assisted reproduction, the U.S. fertility industry remains largely unregulated and routinely offers services outlawed elsewhere



Does Stress Actually Affect Fertility?

The key to conception is to ‘relax,’ some say, but the evidence isn’t quite so tidy



Why we need to talk about infertility at work

While some feel too embarrassed or ashamed to talk about it, others are reluctant to speak to their employers because they fear doing so will detrimentally affect their career



Reducing the risk of infertility during endometriosis treatment

Researchers have determined what types of cyst surgery are more effective than other treatments



I've given up on our sex life getting back to what it was

How does performing on demand affect your sex life?



Meet Olaf! The world’s first critically endangered toad hatched using IVF from frozen semen

The Puerto Rican crested toad has been critically endangered for over 30 years and was once thought to have gone extinct

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