Mallorca Médicos was established to provide a strategic link between health and tourism on the island of Mallorca. Providing independent solutions to health care needs it can identify the most appropriate consultation, treatment and therapy options in addition to helping with logistical matters such as travel and accommodation. 

The multi-lingual team can assist you with health related questions prior to your trip to Mallorca; arrange transfers to and from hospital facilities and hotels; ensure your stay on the island is as stress free as possible and even identify post treatment support when you return home. 

Mallorca Médicos is pleased to be working in partnership with the International Fertility Company. With an in-depth knowledge of fertility services, support and treatment options on the island it can arrange free consultations with medical teams; advise patients about the range of treatment options available and help with accommodation needs when you visit. 

Mallorca has long been one of the most favourable tourist destinations in Spain. Its accessibility, infrastructure, exceptional climate, gastronomy and culture combined with access to cutting edge, Spanish healthcare makes the destination a top choice for many health tourists. 

If you want to find out more about what Mallorca has to offer in terms of fertility support and care contact Mallorca Medicos and let them help secure your fertility future. 

If you would like to contact Mallorca Medicos, please complete and send this contact form.

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