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IVF Spain is an international fertility clinic located in Alicante, Spain. Over the years it has been able to help many people with fertility issues from all over the world.

We are at the forefront of the use of IVF technologies and our success rates which are well above the European average reflect the effort we have made in scientific advancement and techniques. This gives us confidence that we offer the most effective solutions to infertility.

We welcome all our patients with a smile and accompany them throughout the whole process and visit with us. We believe that every patient is unique and therefore we offer personalised treatments individually adapted to their needs and medical history. Thanks to the attention to detail and the care with which we treat every patient, we have achieved a high degree of specialisation not only in the most common infertility diagnoses but also in the most complex ones, like patients with implantation failure, patients with immunology and genetic problems which affect conception and patients suffering from repeated miscarriages.

their dream of conceiving a healthy child.

At IVF Spain we have an excellent Egg Donation Programme that has a bank of more than 500 donors of different nationalities from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. This ensures that both recipient and donor share the maximum similarity of phenotypes in the process of egg selection.

The combination of our international, experienced medical team, personalised treatment plans and the use of state-of-the-art technology is key to our ability to offer our patients the best treatment option to fulfil their dream of creating their own family.

Unfortunately, in the world of assisted reproduction there are no guarantees that any one treatment will give rise to a successful pregnancy but what we can guarantee is that we will do our utmost to help our patients achieve.

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