The Integrated Fertility Care is a complementary medicine practice run by Dr Tasos V, MD, Consultant Medical Specialist and Homeopathic and Holistic Medicine Practitioner. It supports and helps infertile couples utilising Homeopathic Medicine and, when indicated, Holistic Herbal Medicine and Holistic Nutrition

The Integrated Fertility Care is a complementary medicine practice run by Dr Tasos V, MD, Consultant Medical Specialist and Homeopathic and Holistic Medicine Practitioner. It supports and helps infertile couples utilizing Homeopathic Medicine and ,when indicated, Holistic Herbal Medicine and Holistic Nutrition also ,integrating all his training, knowledge and experience in gynaecological and pregnancy pathology.Dr Tasos V,MD is fully registerd with the British General Medical Council, Faculty of Homeopathy and Homeopathic Medical Association, has been subspecialized in Gynaecological and Pregnancy Pathology and has long clinical experience in the treatment of fertility problems and disorders,both female and male.

Τhe Integrated Fertility Care is exclusively engaged in the treatment of almost all kinds of female and male fertility problems, including age-related infertility, immune system-related infertility, primary ovarian insufficiency, low AMH-related infertility, sperm quality insufficiency and unexplained infertility.

Ηomeopathic Medicine is absolutely safe and harmless since homeopathic remedies do not contain any chemical substances with pharmacological and/or possible toxic action on the organism and do not interact with any conventional treatment. There are already many high quality, published in medical journals studies,based on academic and clinical research,showing that Homeopathy may be applied both safely and effectively.Last decades Homeopathy has been actively involved in the National Health System(NHS) of quite a lot of European Union countries,like in Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy ,United Kingdom,etc

The main target is to help the body ,especially the functions related more directly with the organs involved in fertility, to come back in balance and ,so, enhance the chances of becoming and staying pregnant. Τhe Homeopathic treatment, as planned and applied at the “Integrated Fertility Care” is often successful since it applies to both “the patient and the disorder”,to both you as an individual person, with your any physical and emotional problems, and your organs and functions involved in the process of fertilisation, implantation of the embryo and maintenance of a healthy pregnancy to full term.

Consultations are held both in office (UK and Greece) and through Skype (online video consultations). The remedies are purchased at most renown Homeopathic Pharmacies at the UK and Greece and may be also sent by courier/post to the home address of the patients.You may visit the following pages for more detailed information on how the Integrated Fertility Care can help you:

​Natural, Holistic and Integrated Fertility Treatment

Dr Tasos Profile 

My Homeopathic Fertility Protocols (HFP) can significantly support and help patients from all over the world, like a high percentage of my patients have already essentially benefited from my integrated treatment, which increased decisively their chances of pregnancy. My HFPs can be used in conjunction with any conventional therapies to improve the chances or conception. They may best be applied before IVF or any other Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) to increase essentially the chances for a successful outcome. Homeopathy has not any side effects or interaction with conventional drugs, it is absolutely natural, gentle and safe and the homeopathic remedies are administered sublingually as pills or tablets

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