Gaia Fertility is located in Southern Cyprus and offers a range of support programmes for those struggling with infertility issues. We are a talented team of healthcare professionals including fertility specialists, embryologists, nurses, counsellors, genetic counsellors, treatment coordinators and an administrative team.

Personal Care from Day One

Your decision to embark on a fertility journey is a momentous one and we take every care to ensure that you are supported from the very beginning. We offer experienced counsellors and coordinators for both donors and donees to ensure complete transparency and understanding. We all cope with infertility differently – initial shock and disappointment are natural reactions and are felt all too often but we believe our emphasis on the emotional side of your journey helps the medical treatment you will receive.

Specialised Technology

We believe that it is important for you to be given access to our top-quality resources. Our clinics and laboratories are equipped with the latest technology, in compliance with the highest clinical and scientific standards.

On our beautiful island of Cyprus we offer the following;

• In-Vitro Fertilization

• Egg and Sperm Donation

• Egg and Embryo Freezing

• PGD and Advanced Embryo Selection



• Surrogacy services 

Transporting Safely Across Borders

We offer the transport of frozen eggs, sperm and embryos to authorised clinics and clinicians. These are transported in double-tube cryogenic containers (dewer flasks) filled with liquid nitrogen to achieve optimal temperature and we adhere to live sample regulations to ensure safety and maintain quality.

International Patient Team

We offer a multi-lingual team of specialists who cater for all your needs whilst in Cyprus and can help you identify UK based medics who are able to undertake the necessary scans and tests required prior to your travel.

In summary, Gaia is able to provide:

  • An affordable range of treatments

  • No waiting lists

  • No hidden costs – all inclusive treatment packages at fixed costs

  • Multi-ethnic database of donors 

If you would like to contact Gaia Fertility, please complete and send this contact form.

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