FIV Marbella has established itself as one of the leading exponents in assisted reproductive science in Europe. Offering the fusion of technology, experience, high quality staff, treatment and laboratory protocols we are confident that we are equipped to address your fertility needs whatever they may be.

Our philosophy is based on clarity, simplicity and humanity – you become part of our family as soon as you enter the clinic and we are committed to delivering transparent communication and understanding throughout your journey with us.  

Our quality driven service stems from the hand of our clinical director Enrique Criado Scholz, who has brought together the most effective protocols adopted from his extensive career as a clinical embryologist in Spain, Italy and the United States.

As you would expect from a leading fertility clinic we provide an extensive range of treatments including:

IVF/ ICSI, PICSI, MACS, Egg donation, Donor sperm, Embryo donation, PGD/PGS, Assisted Hatching,

Embryo freezing, Sperm/Egg freezing

TIME LAPSE: It is the fusion of the best technological equipment offered by FIV Marbella, the highly qualified personnel and their meticulous laboratory protocols that allow these rates to maintain an upward trajectory year after year. Few clinics have laboratory protocols as strict as those of FIV Marbella, imported from the best clinics in the United States by the director Enrique Criado Scholz and adapted to obtain optimal results. Thanks to these protocols, it is possible to take full advantage of the latest generation equipment available in their three laboratories (IVF, Andrology and R & D): time lapse, incubators of low oxygen concentration... All visible to the patient thanks to their glass walls; because at FIV Marbella are transparent, and they want their patients to feel that way.


“We take transparency very seriously – even one of the walls of the clinic’s engine, its laboratory, is made of glass!”

International Team

Marbella is a very cosmopolitan city housing 137 different nationalities, making it one of the most global cities in Spain. Located 45 minutes’ drive away from Malaga airport and 5 minutes’ walk from the town centre our location is ideal. With sunshine for 320 days of the year and a very large British expat community it is not surprising that 1 in 3 of our visitors come from the UK. We have an experienced English speaking team devoted to help with any preparations and make your actual stay as comfortable and stress free as possible from transport to accommodation and anything in between!

Our results speak for themselves:

The clinical pregnancy rate for egg donation was 86% (with vitrified oocytes, transfer of 2 blastocysts, 2016-2017).

The clinical pregnancy rate for IVF overall was 67% (transfer of 2 blastocysts, 2016-2017).

The clinical pregnancy rate for embryo donation was 71% (FET egg donation in deferred cycle of 1.2 Blastocysts, excluding PGD, 2016-2017).

The clinical pregnancy rate for frozen embryo transfer was 62% (FET with own eggs in deferred cycle of 1 blastocyst, excluding PGD, 2016-2017)

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