The Fertility Foundation is a Charity Commission registered UK charity which aims to provide support and help to individuals and couples with advice, information and ultimately, practical assistance in accessing fertility treatment. Launched in 2017 it is rapidly becoming one of the leading UK organisations which guides individuals and couples through the often complicated and angst ridden ‘fertility journey’.  

Based on the appreciation that each fertility journey is unique the Foundation was created to be a fluid and flexible resource for anyone considering or travelling along this path. Working collaboratively with the best clinics and clinicians the charity seeks to widen access to both information and treatment.   

With NHS funding cuts showing no signs of stopping the Foundation is working to create a fund to provide financial assistant to individuals and couples who are struggling to afford treatment. Applications for a one-time financial fertility grant will be considered by a panel of fertility experts and then the very best fertility clinics are employed to help create families.

Grant money is raised by individual fundraising and the generous participation of corporate and business partners as well as fundraising events such as the 40 Years of Hope Ball.

Financial assistance towards the cost of fertility treatment is offered in parallel to a range of information and patient meetings including the season of Creating Families – Surrogacy in the UK events.  

From finding a sperm or an egg donor to the challenges of our outdated legal system surrounding surrogacy same-sex couples and individuals also struggle with the same challenges of infertility.

The Fertility Foundation has been established to assist those who face this challenge.

The Fertility Foundation is the official charity partner of the International Fertility Company. 




T.   0345 310 5354

Registered Company Number: 11003209

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