Established over 20 years ago Fertilab Barcelona has developed an excellent reputation for patient care and high levels of successful treatment. Our Intimate, quality focussed facility in central Barcelona is close to the airport and all of the main attractions of the city are within walking distance. We pride ourselves on using a wide range of assisted reproductive technologies which offer the patient the best possible opportunity to have a successful outcome.

Our multidisciplinary team approach means that we are able to address your medical and emotional needs in order that you are both physically and mentally prepared for treatment. During your fertility journey with us you will have access to your own treatment team from the start to the very end (gynaecologist, embryologist, nurse and psychologist).

Less is more. We are not a macro-clinic nor do we pretend to be, that allows us to create the best conditions to offer oriented and adjusted services to each patient.

At Fertilab Barcelona we offer natural IVF alongside;

- Artificial Insemination by partner.

- Artificial Insemination by donor

- In Vitro Fertilization – ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

- In Vitro Fertilisation with donor eggs

- Egg sharing with female partner (ROPA) + sperm donor

- Embryo adoption

Treatments are offered to couples and women without a male partner

Our clinic uses the most advanced technologies to help initiate life (such as Embryoscope+ the most advanced incubator in the world) and also services to preserve your fertility such as egg vitrification (freezing) and sperm cryopreservation.  

In addition we offer;

- The most comprehensive genetic screening tests available to patients and donors

- Our own sperm and egg bank to ensure the maximum quality and traceability in egg and sperm donation treatments.

What is Embryoscope+ technology?

We have pioneered the use of Embryoscope+ on IVF treatments. It is the most advanced incubator in the world and can improve your pregnancy rate by 20%.

With Embryoscope+*:

  • More Security

  • More protection, better results

*included in all ivf treatments price.

Why not visit?

We are keen for you to visit us, meet our team and take a look at our clinic facilities. We have an experienced team of professionals who speak your language and are able to answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment and stay in Barcelona. Our International Team will share our commitment to quality and explain how we offer help in Barcelona and through collaboration with leading professionals in other countries.

To avoid having to travel, request your free visit by Skype today.

If you would like to contact Fertilab Barcelona, please complete and send this contact form.

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