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ANDREW COUTTS,  MA (Ed), BA (Law),BSc (Econ) Hons

Andrew Coutts is a regular speaker, writer and commentator on fertility issues and has been involved in developing numerous patient engagement events throughout Europe.



In addition to his work as a Laboratory Director Enrique has advised a number of clinics on the design of laboratories. His core belief is that “the clinic's ‘engine’, the IVF laboratory, has to be built with the right materials that allow it to work in the necessary sterility conditions to obtain the best results” This belief is demonstrated in Enrique’s most recent design; the outstanding lab at the FIV Marbella clinic which boasts floor to ceiling glass walls to promote transparency and enables patients to view the inner sanctum of the IVF clinic. In Enrique’s words: “We invest most of our resources to constantly improve the equipment of our laboratories to increase the percentage of probability of success of our patients”.

Since 2012 Enrique has held the Director’s roles at FIV Marbella and Ovobank, the first, and one of the leading egg banks in Europe. Under his management the companies’ currently carry out over 1,400 cycles between the clinic in Marbella and Ovoclinics in Barcelona, Madrid, Granada and Malaga. 70% of treatments are egg donation cycles and its success rates are above the Spanish national average (61% transfers at blastocyst and 86% when transferring two embryos) – it is understandable therefore, that Enrique and his team are attracting patients from across the world.

Innovation continues to be the by-word at Ovobank and this is exemplified by its development of Ovomatch®, an app based facial recognition technology tool. This remarkable device uses a “biometric” identification system to examine the physical features of a donor recipient’s face and attempts to match this ‘faceprint’ with one of the donors on the company’s 4,000 strong database. The app conducts an anonymous search which satisfies the Spanish law of anonymity but allows patients to participate more in the choice of suitable donors.

Enrique has managed to create a successful track record characterised by scientific rigour gained from fertility clinics around the world whilst embracing new technology. Innovation breeds success and this is evident in his continued success in the fertility field.

More information on Enrique’s work is available via;

In discussion with Enrique Criado Scholz

October 18th, 2018

The first in our series of ‘Getting to Know’ looks at the work of Enrique Criado Scholz, Director of FIV Marbella and Ovobank, the first European egg bank. 

Enrique graduated from the University of Jaén and started his career in assisted reproduction at Clínica Vistahermosa in Alicante (2006), in collaboration with the Alfonso X el Sabio University. During the next six years Enrique developed a keen interest in cryopreservation of ovules, embryos and sperm which led him to produce a number of innovative scientific papers investigating and assessing latest laboratory techniques to improve cell freezing protocols. 


His extensive, and growing research portfolio during this time was enhanced by working in some of the most renowned laboratories in the world including;


  • Istituto Clinico Humanitas, Milan, Italy under Dr. Paolo Emanuele Levi Setti

  • Istituto Medico Milanese, Milan

  • Victoria Eugenia Hospital, Seville

  • Fertility and Genetics in Plantation, Florida under Dr. Mick Abae

  • South Florida Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Miami under Dr. Eisermann

  • Ceram, Malaga

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