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ANDREW COUTTS,  MA (Ed), BA (Law),BSc (Econ) Hons

Why Should we consider … Alicante?

Salomé López Garrido

International Development Manager at UR Vistahermosa in Alicante.


Alicante is the capital of the Costa Blanca. A province considered to be an authentic paradise. It’s not by accident that millions of people choose this location to spend holidays, long periods of time or simply a place to put down roots and live long term. The reasons are innumerable, among which we can find the climate which practically guarantees good weather throughout the whole year, the beaches, washed by the warm Mediterranean Sea, scenic mountain routes perfect for pleasant walks and all types of services which facilitate life day to day.

Its promising economy which includes important industries across several sectors is without a doubt much admired throughout Spain and further afield. In addition, its privileged geographical location (180 kilometres from Valencia and only two hours by train from the country’s capital Madrid) makes it a magnet for private companies and head offices of large bodies. Alicante, for instance, houses the head office of EUIPO (European Union of Intellectual Property Office).

Alicante also boasts an impressive transport infrastructure. In addition to the ‘AVE’, the high-speed train link it is conveniently located near motorways which link it to the major cities in the country. However, without a shadow of a doubt the jewel in the crown is its International airport. No less than 13,700,000 visitors came through the El Altet Terminal situated between Elche and Alicante in the last year. There are daily flights to and from the most important European and North African cities which offer numerous options to those who travel for work, health or holidays.

Alicante has a lot going for it and it makes the perfect location to consider travelling to for fertility treatment. It is no wonder therefore that we chose Alicante as the home for Vistahermosa’s International Reproductive Unit. The building, situated in a residential area only a few minutes from the centre is conveniently located alongside the main artery road which connects the beaches with the motorway and houses one of our state-of-the-art labs, patient consultation facilities; a dedicated medical team and our International Patient Department.

The role of our international team in Alicante is to make sure that your relationship with the clinic is as stress free as possible. Our multi-lingual team means that we speak your language and we are can assist with everything from your initial preparations to visit; your transport, accommodation and suggestions for ensuring your leisure time is enjoyable as possible. They are also with you on every step of your journey with the clinic, arranging and participating in medical consultations; creating your personal package of care in terms of tests and treatment and ultimately making your experience with us ‘a home from home’ one.

Our medical and scientific team will aim to ensure your time in Alicante is one which will mark the beginning of a new chapter for you with a family of your own. We recognise the role that the environment, stress, diet and climate play in successful fertility treatment and it is for these reasons why Alicante continues to be one of the most popular cities in Spain for patients travelling for fertility treatment. 

Andrew Coutts is a regular speaker, writer and commentator on fertility issues and has been involved in developing numerous patient engagement events throughout Europe.


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